This game can be played at any of these NetEnt Casinos
Standard Max Bet of €100 per spin

Starburst is one of the most innovative and stunning video slot to be experienced in the gaming industry. It is an energized and fast-paced video slot that has that unique arcade style. Starburst creates a new thrilling experience for its gamers and completely goes beyond the barriers of the traditional slots.

Every enthusiastic gamer is interested in encountering a new experience that goes far beyond the mediocrity and normalcy of some online slots. This video slot offers a high level of excitement and an entirely new perspective on slots. Apart from its unique special features, the game also encompasses some of the aspects of the traditional slots. Its features are inimitable and cannot be seen in other slots.Most slots only allow you to win if you get the correct combination from left towards the right. However, in Starburst you can win if you manage to get the combination both backwards and forwards. It also has a unique feature known as expanding/ increasing wild symbols. A wild starburst landing on top of the reels will expand covering up a complete row which in turn makes the entire line wild. If the gamer wins using the expanding wild symbols, then he/she is given a maximum of 3 free spins.

Starburst consists of three rows and five reels and twenty pay lines which can go both directions on top of the reels. 50,000 coins is the maximum payout and you are able to play up to a maximum of 100 Euros per spin.
This video game slot has a variety of colored jewels in addition to two extra paying symbols. They are arranged as below, from the lowest valued to the highest: Bar Symbol, Seven, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue and Purple.
The symbol that defines this game is the wild symbol. The wild symbol is visible on the following reels, 4, 3 and 2. It works by expanding to cover a complete row as soon as it lands on any of the above mentioned reels. When the Starburst symbol is activated, it initiates another mode called re-spin. When this mode is active, it is possible to get additional wins as well as extra Starburst wilds.

Starburst is energizing to play and it’s in-built with mesmerizing soundtracks and vivacious colors. One of the many cool features of this video slot is called the win feature. The screen breathes life into the game when a big, super or mega win is attained by producing spectacular scenes that make the gamer desire for more.If by any chance you have played any high quality game, then you will definitely understand why there is so much hype surrounding Starburst. The amazing thing is that this game deserves all the hype and it does not disappoint at all.The game has a lot of user friendly controls that make it smooth and simple for its gamers to enjoy a good game. Located at the base of the slot are huge buttons that assist the gamer in altering the amount of the pay lines and that bet on a single spin. It also has full screen mode and auto play function among others.
Starburst slot is available as a mobile application and you can access it anywhere with a visible logo of Net Entertainment.

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