Silent Run

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Stanrdad Max Bet is £125

About Silent Run 
Silent run is one of casino game slots. It is based on submarine battles during the 2nd world war. Quality of the game is felt at the beginning, as soon as the game starts loading it shows game features that are spectacular and you can easily fall in love with them. As soon as the game loads you see deep ocean waters that surround the reels and fill the background. Even if you have not yet boarded the sub marine, you still feel as if you have once you start playing the slot. The sounds are credible and come from sonar pings and explosion of enemies’ marine vessels. Sounds can also be heard from the winning combinations landing on behalf of the reels. This slot review silent run will help you understand what entails in the silent run so you can plan on experiencing this wonderful casino slot.

Silent Run Theme
Silent run has a unique soviet theme with gold and red logo with a five pointed star. Its reels are surrounded with water creating a great deal of sense as you view submarine since they spend most times under the sea waters. With this slot, you will not only see marine vessels but you will also see the battleships armed with guns ready for the battle. The theme also has icons such as; depth charges, mines, sonar and wild icons. Icons that are used here include; torpedoes, Navy ships, lamps, nine and ten jack queen, ace symbol and the king that were used in the past.

More options and functions
You will be able to get more options on the control panel. Its control panel resembles any other casino slots. This means that you will be able to change the coin value, coins per line (bet level), and can also stop the reels using the round bottom. With slot review silent run, minimum bets are 0.25 per spin and the highest bet is $125.

Features of silent run slot
When sonar icon is appearing on the middle reel, it triggers the echo bonus. The sonar will then search for different reel icons to reveal torpedoes; each sonar has the capability of finding five torpedoes. You then get into the battle and start firing your torpedoes at enemy battleships to unveil more prizes. You will have to use the same amount of torpedoes that you were able to get during the previous sonar feature. 
There is flashing red light which is wild and will count every regular icon. You will also benefit from the wild sonar since it sends out three sonar signals and turns them into wilds. However the second icon is very rare and only appears on the third reel as opposed to the wild sonar which appears anywhere.
The other feature is bonus game/echo bonus. Here you are transported to submarine control room and you are supposed to use telescope to scan the distance of the enemy battleships. You will then fire torpedoes in attempt to sink as many as possible depending on the number of torpedoes at your disposal. You will win bonus based on your firing skills, your wins can even multiply by 10 times.
Our take after slot review silent run is that this slot is another blockbuster. Players can choose from awesome vast range of bets making it more popular amongst them. It is the best casino slot games available.

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