Bruce Lee

This game can be played at any of these WMS Casinos

Williams Interactive have brought one of the most popular film and martial arts stars to the slot machine world. Our verdict? They have done a fantastic job. If you’re primarily a land based player then you may already be familiar with this game. However, we can report that there are a couple of difference that make the online version even more fun to play. Keep reading for our Bruce Lee Slot review. 

The knowledge that Williams Interactive is behind this game guarantees two things. Firstly (and most importantly), your money is safe. This company is one of the largest suppliers of online casinos and also has an extensive history in land based gaming as well. They’ve brought out other familiar titles such as Zeus Slot and the Palace of Riches II, so there’s every chance that you have used them before. The gameplay is also absolutely top notch, with some fantastic graphics and effects. This is no surprise considering they have also brought out console based games such as Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam! You know before you start one of their games that the payouts will be fair and the the game will be fun to play. 

Bruce Lee is what is known as a high variance slot, meaning that smaller wins are less frequent. However, this in turn means that there’s every chance you will hit a large payout. Of course, you will have to be a little bit more patient than with some other slots. We actually prefer high variance slots if you’re looking to hit a significant win. Other gamers seem to think the same way, as high variance slots are some of the most popular in the casinos. 

The Bonus rounds in this game give you the chance of winning in excess of 100 times your stake. There are two separate bonus rounds built around free spins once triggered. The first is your standard free spins bonus round; Bruce Lee will give you 14 of them to try your luck! The Enter the Dragon feature is a little bit more exciting and is unique to this game. In this bonus your free spins are locked until the Red Dragon symbol appears, so there’s every chance of winning big with this one. The bonus rounds can be triggered in three separate ways, each with some great graphics. The first starts after you hit 4 of the same symbol on the first two reels and another is triggered by getting the bonus symbol (the Enter the Dragon logo) on reels 3, 4 and 5. This is something you will surely have seen before. The last way it triggers is random and does not depend on your reels. The Enter the Dragon free spins round can be particularly lucrative, so once you see the bonus come up you should get very excited! 

Still not convinced? WIlliams Interactive have also made this game available in a free version, giving the gamer a chance to get used to the gameplay and high variance payouts. So give that a whirl before trying with real money. We are sure you will love it!


This game can be played at any of these WMS Casinos

Zeus is a very popular game that has been played for a long time, it is based on a popular theme with other games like Romeo and Egypt. Zeus revolves around the free spins, it is one of a kind because it the only game offering as many free spins from just hitting five feature symbol just as the Zeus does, and this attributes attracts many players into the game with an aim of obtaining massive wins. One may not win frequently but when he wins the win is always very impressive

Zeus slot Williams interactive is one of the best games offered by the Williams. It is a five reel, with 30 slots of playing and was created from the knowledge of the Greeks. It is cartoon in nature and offers interactive field of gaming.

In the Greek religion and myth the Zeus is considered as the father of the Gods and men and it is the slot game that brings out this attribute. Zeus is the central reason of this a lot game as depicted in the Greek mythology

The Zeus game is entertaining and pleasing to the players because it has an impressive audio and visual effect that brings out a comfortable atmosphere to the game. Its symbols are based on the Greek mythology some of which include; the helmet, the Greek mythology horse Pegasus, the boat, vase, harp, wreath and Zeus himself is also available

Zeus is a very unique game simply because it majors on the free spins. Players of this game are attracted to the game by the alluring temptation of wanting to win up to 100 free spins. When a player hits the lightning fist symbol thus when the fun and real game commences. once a player hits three or more of the lightning symbols across the reels it is at this time that the Zeus bonus feature is activated

After activating the Zeus bonus feature some extra features add more free spins. one will be awarded ten free spins if they hit just three feature symbols. and if by good chance the player hit four features symbols the he/she will earn twenty five free spins. Again if he is still lucky and hit five feature symbol then he will earn a hundred free spins. There is a huge potential of winning since the free spins can be re-triggered during the Zeus bonus feature and this is exactly the main reason as to why Zeus has acquired such a great following

The Zeus symbol and the wild symbols in addition to the free spins and this teases any player playing this game. the players are motivated with the desire to seeing this symbols fill the reels and it is a the real motivation that attracts more and more players into this game.

There is more fun in learning how to play the Zeus slot games online.all you need to know is who and where to get the best place to do that with a lot of discounts and tips offered for winners.The Williams Interactive will give you the best experience whether a learner or an expert in Zeus slot game.

Great Blue

This game can be played at any of these Playtech Casinos
Max Bet £500

With the increasing number of casino slot games sprouting like mushrooms on a daily basis, one game seems to be getting the interest of casino game players – the Great Blue (playtech). 

The Features
Brought to you by Playtech, this game features 5 reels and 25 paylines; scoring one of the 28 winning combinations including a tropical fish, turtle, starfish, seahorse, oyster with pearl and a starfish can produce exciting prize gains. You sure will be amazed by this slot game as it uses an undersea theme centering on the killer whale – the Great Blue. The 10,000 coin jackpot can be activated by acquiring 5 wild symbols (Great Blue) anyplace on the reels. 

Another feature is called the scatters and stacked wilds. A player who manages to get a total of 3 or more sea shells known as scatter symbols will allow you to gain access to the Great Blue bonus. How are you going to do this? A player will be given a chance for an 8 spin with 2x multiplier. Should you wish to have free spins or multipliers, you have to choose 2 of 5 scatter symbols. 

What is in store for Great Blue players? 
Expect handsome wins especially for players with deeper pockets. Highly considered as a cult game, being high variance in nature, this kind of slot is not for the faint of heart as this may take most of your bankroll. However, be in the know that your betting is under check with an increment ranging from 1 to 5 pounds. But of you win and hit it, a whopping jackpot of 10,000 coins is at stake. Together with the regular symbols, wild and scatter icons are also in view to help you improve your winning potential. 

While you will be given a startup spin of 8 and/or 2x multiplier, you can have as much as 33 free spins with an extra 15 and/or 15x multiplier if you get sea shell symbols of 3 or more during the bonus stage, or even get unlimited spins.

How Can a Player Double His Winnings? 
This can be made possible through the Gamble Feature. This may sound as a customary casino slot game but you can increase your winnings by guessing the colour of the unturned card. But just a word of caution, guessing it incorrectly will mean the forfeiture of your winnings.
The Symbols and their Corresponding Winnings 
• Wild symbol – Great Blue Whale – this could multiply your bet by two when a specific number of this symbol emerges in the winning combination. 
• Scatter symbol of Oyster with pearl – this can irregularly show on the reels, and if it does in 2-5 times, your total wager can spectacularly be multiplied. Five appearances would mean winnings of 500 times. 
• Shells and Pearl symbols – will help activate free spins and the opportunity to even multiply it with a “pick a shell” bonus round. 

In Conclusion 
Great bonuses, exciting winnings, and an easy gameplay would definitely bring out the best casino gamer in you. Surely, Great Blue (playtech) is one casino slot game every slot fan wouldn’t want to miss playing.

William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino has a vast amount of games for you to become lost in if you so choose to do. Choose from multitudes of games all with an array of banking methods all made available to suit the player’s choice.

Take your pick from games like Blackjack classic edition, Perfect Blackjack with the pair side bet, Hitting for 21 Blackjack, or Blackjack UK for those who prefer the UK rules of the game. Or perhaps you’re more of a six-deck player with games like Baccarat or the favoured Casino Holdem playing poker against the house.

There is Vegas casino for games that bring about a more fun tone, like Genie Jackpots, or the Featured games like Vegas Millions where you get the opportunity to play for jackpots of £1.3 Million. The new Roulette and Super Spins are a favourite among many players too.

Try your local store or just buzz out in the comfort of your own living room on the PC or the laptop to bring the casino straight to your own living quarters, life couldn’t get much better than this.
William Hill keeps the sports crowd entertained with its sports background and the sports themed slot type games. There’s something for everyone at William Hill, as well as favourites such as Knock Out, Penalty Shootout, and Frankie’s Fantastic Seven, the game scene here is always engaging and pleasurable.

There are always bonuses to look forward to at Williams Hill which are always changing to satisfy customers both loyal and those just passing through. VIP treatment is more for those who aren’t afraid to spend ‘large’ at this casino, with selections ranging from Mid-Roller to High-Roller and even VIP status which grants higher level bonuses and some.
New games are always being added to Williams Hill’s arsenal fun, with hundreds of games ready for you to participate in, whether you prefer playing Craps or Blackjack, Casino Holdem or any type of slot game on offer, you’ve got yourself an entertaining selection to keep you entertained.

William Hill boasts an impressive array of slots to keep you tuned into the buzz of casino life, which means you have the opportunity to walk away with an impressive amount of money as your winnings as well as a fun and thrilling time out.
In addition to the usual vast amount of slots and jackpots of William Hill, there are additional jackpots to the casual table and card gaming scenario which adds to thrill of the game for all of you thrill-seekers out there.
William Hill has been functioning since 1934, and is still enjoyed and respected by many as the go-to place for a trusted, safe game environment.

William Casino Club and William Hill Casino are two casino types that take customer satisfaction into consideration, making this a priority as their Casinos have clearly demonstrated over the years as being the Number 1 trusted online and offline Casino Place for the true spenders among us.

Paddy Power Casino

You are sure to have seen the many television adverts from Paddy Power promoting their fantastic selection of sports, virtual, and casino options. This particular review will be focusing on the casino section of their site, which offers all of the latest flash-based games and slots. 

The signup process could not be easier and best of all, Paddy Power offers a fully risk-free £5 bonus when you join. This bonus requires absolutely no deposit whatsoever, which is definitely a huge plus as not many online casinos offer this type of bonus. You will naturally also receive the standard matched deposit bets which can be used to get a tidy profit to get you off on the right foot. Withdrawing your winnings is extremely easy and painless as well, there are really no catches when it comes to their initial bonuses. Not only do you get the fantastic bonuses upon signing up, but they also focus strongly on loyal customers. The Loyalty Points scheme means that every time you play you will get some of it back in free bets and bonuses. The great thing is that you don’t have to be a big spender to get your points as literally every player is eligible for their reward scheme. 

The games that are available use the Playtech engine, meaning you get all of the popular names such as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and many other household names. Naturally, you can also play the age old favorites of Roulette, Blackjack and Poker (they all come in different varieties as well!). Playtech are one of the leading providers when it comes to gaming engines, so you are sure to experience fantastic gameplay as well as fair payouts. 

Another plus is that you do not have to download anything to start playing; you can literally start your experience right after signing up. However, they do also offer a desktop application if you want access to even more games! It’s the best of both worlds, really. Want even more gameplay options? Paddy Power are also ahead of the curve when it comes to multi-platform gaming. You should have absolutely no problem with playing on Macs, PCs, iPads or mobiles. They have everything covered. The mobile section is particularly impressive, as they’ve done plenty of work to ensure that it’s not a second-rate version of their computer based products. 

Paddy Power play strongly on their Irish branding and personality and the friendly customer service staff reflect this. They are always ready to help, even if you have the most ridiculous questions! Not sure what the minimum bet is or want to ask about your bonus? Not a problem; you will get answers extremely quickly from their competent staff. This can all be done via phone or live chat, so you don’t have to wait around. 

Overall, Paddy Power Casino is a fantastic choice for your table and slot games. Not only are you dealing with one of the largest casinos on the market but it’s also well-known for its customer services and generous bonuses. If you don’t succeed in winning anything after you first sign up, you’re definitely doing something wrong!


This game can be played at any of these Playtech Casinos
Max Bet £500

Gladiator slot is game created by Playtech. It was developed in line with DreamWorks and based on the  blockbuster movie. It is available in various Playtech Casinos online. The  Gladiator slot machine is available in both trial and real money version. The main difference between the versions is that the real money version can win prizes that are associated with the game. Players choosing real money version can position wagers with coins of value ranging from 0.01 to 5.0 

The gladiator slot game feature 5 spinning reels and 50 paylines; the jackpot in this game is 5,000 coins. Jackpot is only awarded in a case where there are 5 gladiator symbols in enabled pay line. Other than the jackpot symbol, the game has two special symbols namely the wild symbols and the scatter symbols. The later is an imperial Roman Eagle and when it manifests more than two times in one spin; you win the scatter pay out. Furthermore, when the scatter symbol features three times or more in one spin, you win 100 free spins. The Wild symbol on the other hand is represented as Gold Coin symbol. The gladiator slot is an excellent one and due to its playability, it will make you play it each time you log into any online casino.

This game remains the most popular online slot casino games. Its jackpot slot can make you win even a seven figure jackpot with ease and luck. Like other Playtech movies or other slot games licensed from Playtech, the gladiator slot graphics and soundbites are phenomenal and its game play ultimately makes or breaks the slot. 

What makes gladiator slot special is the coliseum bonus round and the traditional free spins bonus that have a twist. The twist is considered as the expanding scatter symbol and the wild symbol. The bonus is randomly awarded, though not guaranteed to happen on every bonus round. You can be guaranteed of big wins if you achieve the extra scatter. There is also a bonus round often triggered by three wild symbols. 

The expanding symbol characterizing the gladiator slot bonus can as well be found in Rome and Glory slot; this is also part of Playtech slots portfolio that is found in several online casinos. Of all the gladiator slots, it the Playtech’s gladiator slot that is the most popular. This is because it is founded on gladiator movie with similar features and video sequences. What separates gladiator slot from other slots is not only the video interludes and marvelous soundbites but the free spins bonus which is unique and its integration of expanding scatter idea that is triggered by obtaining three or more Colosseum symbols. 

Gladiator slot machine is also unique due to its second bonus round. The gladiator bonus is triggered when three wild symbols are seen anywhere on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels together. Depending on where you wish to play on the gladiator slot, there is often a predictable bonus pattern.


Playboy can be played at any of these Microgaming Casinos

The summer’s most eagerly awaited casino releases is finally here! A couple of months after the release of Girls with Guns Jungle Heat, things have gotten even better and hotter with Microgaming’s imminent release of the Playboy Slot. The following is a Review of Microgaming’s playboy slot. It’s meant to give you an in-depth of the game and what it’s all about.

Playboy Slot is a new video slot game which is based on the internationally renowned adult franchise. The new cool game is indeed cool, something that Microgaming’s slot lovers are set to enjoy. Microgaming is a leader in the gaming industry with many top of the range slot games. They have over 500 incredible titles and this trend continues with Playboy. The game is geared towards male players in online casinos. To enable players control their budget, the themed slot game supports various coin denominations hence much flexibility. The game has over 243 ways to win while the highest bet supported on the game is $150 per spin. With this, there are a myriad of exciting opportunities to collect cash payouts.

Playboy is a revolutionary 5 reel video slot game that does away with the conventional pay lines idea. In place of these pay lines, the game uses Microgaming method of calculating wins, based on the 243 ways to win. Almost the entire new video slot released by Microgaming last year has featured the 243 ways to win notion.

Microgaming’s playboy slot has an excellent theme with various babes making up the reel symbols. This theme is set to attract many players while he amazing graphics present a pleasing visual flaunt. Playboy also uses various impeccable animations and sounds to ensure that players get an inclusive gambling experience unrivaled by other gaming platforms. There are diverse symbols in addition to some famous models that have been showcased in the magazine. Playboy players should not expect any progressive jackpot, since the top payout can be won during the free spin rounds. These spins can be worth up to 25,000 coins.
However, the underscore of the game has to be the bonus round. This gives players the opportunity to choose from four (4) different spin options. To trigger this feature, players need to get three or more scatter options on the reels on a single spin. Players can then choose their free option which normally includes choices providing from 10 and 25 free spins. Each of these options has different wilds and multipliers. This feature offers players magnificent cash rewards and will surely keep players entertained.

The wild symbol is used to help complete the winning combinations. The wild is normally the Playboy logo and can appear in various positions on the reels. It takes the place of other symbols except for the scatter icon. Not only does this symbol help complete winning combination, it also acts as a multiplier hence doubles the generated payout.

From the various reviews available online, this Review of Microgaming’s playboy slot just adds to the fact that Microgaming is always adding fascinating, exciting and innovative games to their online casinos. Playboy slots are just another addition to this history. With a myriad of ways to win, players can get generous payouts while having a time of their life. More so, players can always remain in control of their budget, thanks to the different coins denominations. With over 243 ways to win, Playboy is indeed a stunning game and an instant hit in the Micrograming online casinos.


This game can be played at any of these NetEnt Casinos
Standard Max Bet £200

The latest video slot release from Net Entertainment, the number one provider of amazing slot games software, Eggomatic is fun filled casino game having 5 reels and 20 video slots with Wild symbols and free spins allowing players to win a fixed coin jackpot up to maximum of 10000 coins or $ 10,000 although no progression can take place. 

Attractive chicks and hens lay colorful pink, green, blue and gold colored eggs. The colours displayed are brilliant and sound effects are extraordinary. The clucking sounds and background music produces an astonishing as well as perfect environment for the game. Certain wins trigger exceptional quality sounds and quality animation is perfect for Eggomatic. The rooster shows his might by swelling is chest while giving free spins and coins is lively and entertaining fun-filled online game.

The Eggomatic machine makes the hen lay eggs which move along the reels upwards. Certain eggs are denoted with numerals and symbols which drop to award the score present on the egg. Eggs denoted with letter ‘W’ position the reels for big wins. Eggs marked with ‘?’ allows players to go for either several free spins or opt for other rewards. The betting range is fromamount of $0.20- $200. The game is non-progressive and allows players to bet coins from 1 cent to maximum of 1dollar. The amazing 3D graphics and visual effects are exceptional to look at and the game is enchanting to play.
The game begins with a short explanation by the rooster of the depletion of eggs and how the production could be increased with the help of metallic Eggomatic machine. The players need to place coins denominated between one cent to a dollar, on the pay lines with each line accomodating up to 10 coins allowing the players to opt between $0.20 to a maximum of 200 per spin. The payouts are excellent in this uniquely featured egg game. The format of the game is completely new and brilliant. After an introduction by a Rooster, the reels start to move.As the game progresses the eggs drop onto the rooster and hatch to display the rewards won. Five spins are alloted to catch the bonus and additional eggs. The bonus eggs are denoted Spreading Wild Eggs, Free Spins Eggs, Surprise Eggs and coin winning eggs.
Symbols and Eggomatic features 

Eggomatic has denoted symbols such as Wild symbols and Spreading Wilds which are substituted any time on the conveyor to pay the highest winning combination. The eggs are alloted different colours and rewards. Blue Spreading Wild symbol allows players to win by transforming adjacent and diagonally placed symbols to wild symbols.Green Eggs provide free spins ranging from 7- 50 free spins whereas the Gold colored egg allows players to win coins and multi colored eggs hatch to give any of the above mentioned rewards. The win makes Eggomatic shower golden coins. The criteria to get any of these rewards is that the rooster must catch the dropping egg. 
Eggomatic online slot game is sure to bring a revolution in the gaming world and will dominate other pokie games.

Silent Run

This game can be played at any of these NetEnt Casinos
Stanrdad Max Bet is £125

About Silent Run 
Silent run is one of casino game slots. It is based on submarine battles during the 2nd world war. Quality of the game is felt at the beginning, as soon as the game starts loading it shows game features that are spectacular and you can easily fall in love with them. As soon as the game loads you see deep ocean waters that surround the reels and fill the background. Even if you have not yet boarded the sub marine, you still feel as if you have once you start playing the slot. The sounds are credible and come from sonar pings and explosion of enemies’ marine vessels. Sounds can also be heard from the winning combinations landing on behalf of the reels. This slot review silent run will help you understand what entails in the silent run so you can plan on experiencing this wonderful casino slot.

Silent Run Theme
Silent run has a unique soviet theme with gold and red logo with a five pointed star. Its reels are surrounded with water creating a great deal of sense as you view submarine since they spend most times under the sea waters. With this slot, you will not only see marine vessels but you will also see the battleships armed with guns ready for the battle. The theme also has icons such as; depth charges, mines, sonar and wild icons. Icons that are used here include; torpedoes, Navy ships, lamps, nine and ten jack queen, ace symbol and the king that were used in the past.

More options and functions
You will be able to get more options on the control panel. Its control panel resembles any other casino slots. This means that you will be able to change the coin value, coins per line (bet level), and can also stop the reels using the round bottom. With slot review silent run, minimum bets are 0.25 per spin and the highest bet is $125.

Features of silent run slot
When sonar icon is appearing on the middle reel, it triggers the echo bonus. The sonar will then search for different reel icons to reveal torpedoes; each sonar has the capability of finding five torpedoes. You then get into the battle and start firing your torpedoes at enemy battleships to unveil more prizes. You will have to use the same amount of torpedoes that you were able to get during the previous sonar feature. 
There is flashing red light which is wild and will count every regular icon. You will also benefit from the wild sonar since it sends out three sonar signals and turns them into wilds. However the second icon is very rare and only appears on the third reel as opposed to the wild sonar which appears anywhere.
The other feature is bonus game/echo bonus. Here you are transported to submarine control room and you are supposed to use telescope to scan the distance of the enemy battleships. You will then fire torpedoes in attempt to sink as many as possible depending on the number of torpedoes at your disposal. You will win bonus based on your firing skills, your wins can even multiply by 10 times.
Our take after slot review silent run is that this slot is another blockbuster. Players can choose from awesome vast range of bets making it more popular amongst them. It is the best casino slot games available.


This game can be played at any of these NetEnt Casinos
Standard Max Bet of €100 per spin

Starburst is one of the most innovative and stunning video slot to be experienced in the gaming industry. It is an energized and fast-paced video slot that has that unique arcade style. Starburst creates a new thrilling experience for its gamers and completely goes beyond the barriers of the traditional slots.

Every enthusiastic gamer is interested in encountering a new experience that goes far beyond the mediocrity and normalcy of some online slots. This video slot offers a high level of excitement and an entirely new perspective on slots. Apart from its unique special features, the game also encompasses some of the aspects of the traditional slots. Its features are inimitable and cannot be seen in other slots.Most slots only allow you to win if you get the correct combination from left towards the right. However, in Starburst you can win if you manage to get the combination both backwards and forwards. It also has a unique feature known as expanding/ increasing wild symbols. A wild starburst landing on top of the reels will expand covering up a complete row which in turn makes the entire line wild. If the gamer wins using the expanding wild symbols, then he/she is given a maximum of 3 free spins.

Starburst consists of three rows and five reels and twenty pay lines which can go both directions on top of the reels. 50,000 coins is the maximum payout and you are able to play up to a maximum of 100 Euros per spin.
This video game slot has a variety of colored jewels in addition to two extra paying symbols. They are arranged as below, from the lowest valued to the highest: Bar Symbol, Seven, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue and Purple.
The symbol that defines this game is the wild symbol. The wild symbol is visible on the following reels, 4, 3 and 2. It works by expanding to cover a complete row as soon as it lands on any of the above mentioned reels. When the Starburst symbol is activated, it initiates another mode called re-spin. When this mode is active, it is possible to get additional wins as well as extra Starburst wilds.

Starburst is energizing to play and it’s in-built with mesmerizing soundtracks and vivacious colors. One of the many cool features of this video slot is called the win feature. The screen breathes life into the game when a big, super or mega win is attained by producing spectacular scenes that make the gamer desire for more.If by any chance you have played any high quality game, then you will definitely understand why there is so much hype surrounding Starburst. The amazing thing is that this game deserves all the hype and it does not disappoint at all.The game has a lot of user friendly controls that make it smooth and simple for its gamers to enjoy a good game. Located at the base of the slot are huge buttons that assist the gamer in altering the amount of the pay lines and that bet on a single spin. It also has full screen mode and auto play function among others.
Starburst slot is available as a mobile application and you can access it anywhere with a visible logo of Net Entertainment.