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Standard Max Bet £200

The latest video slot release from Net Entertainment, the number one provider of amazing slot games software, Eggomatic is fun filled casino game having 5 reels and 20 video slots with Wild symbols and free spins allowing players to win a fixed coin jackpot up to maximum of 10000 coins or $ 10,000 although no progression can take place. 

Attractive chicks and hens lay colorful pink, green, blue and gold colored eggs. The colours displayed are brilliant and sound effects are extraordinary. The clucking sounds and background music produces an astonishing as well as perfect environment for the game. Certain wins trigger exceptional quality sounds and quality animation is perfect for Eggomatic. The rooster shows his might by swelling is chest while giving free spins and coins is lively and entertaining fun-filled online game.

The Eggomatic machine makes the hen lay eggs which move along the reels upwards. Certain eggs are denoted with numerals and symbols which drop to award the score present on the egg. Eggs denoted with letter ‘W’ position the reels for big wins. Eggs marked with ‘?’ allows players to go for either several free spins or opt for other rewards. The betting range is fromamount of $0.20- $200. The game is non-progressive and allows players to bet coins from 1 cent to maximum of 1dollar. The amazing 3D graphics and visual effects are exceptional to look at and the game is enchanting to play.
The game begins with a short explanation by the rooster of the depletion of eggs and how the production could be increased with the help of metallic Eggomatic machine. The players need to place coins denominated between one cent to a dollar, on the pay lines with each line accomodating up to 10 coins allowing the players to opt between $0.20 to a maximum of 200 per spin. The payouts are excellent in this uniquely featured egg game. The format of the game is completely new and brilliant. After an introduction by a Rooster, the reels start to move.As the game progresses the eggs drop onto the rooster and hatch to display the rewards won. Five spins are alloted to catch the bonus and additional eggs. The bonus eggs are denoted Spreading Wild Eggs, Free Spins Eggs, Surprise Eggs and coin winning eggs.
Symbols and Eggomatic features 

Eggomatic has denoted symbols such as Wild symbols and Spreading Wilds which are substituted any time on the conveyor to pay the highest winning combination. The eggs are alloted different colours and rewards. Blue Spreading Wild symbol allows players to win by transforming adjacent and diagonally placed symbols to wild symbols.Green Eggs provide free spins ranging from 7- 50 free spins whereas the Gold colored egg allows players to win coins and multi colored eggs hatch to give any of the above mentioned rewards. The win makes Eggomatic shower golden coins. The criteria to get any of these rewards is that the rooster must catch the dropping egg. 
Eggomatic online slot game is sure to bring a revolution in the gaming world and will dominate other pokie games.

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