Bruce Lee

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Williams Interactive have brought one of the most popular film and martial arts stars to the slot machine world. Our verdict? They have done a fantastic job. If you’re primarily a land based player then you may already be familiar with this game. However, we can report that there are a couple of difference that make the online version even more fun to play. Keep reading for our Bruce Lee Slot review. 

The knowledge that Williams Interactive is behind this game guarantees two things. Firstly (and most importantly), your money is safe. This company is one of the largest suppliers of online casinos and also has an extensive history in land based gaming as well. They’ve brought out other familiar titles such as Zeus Slot and the Palace of Riches II, so there’s every chance that you have used them before. The gameplay is also absolutely top notch, with some fantastic graphics and effects. This is no surprise considering they have also brought out console based games such as Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam! You know before you start one of their games that the payouts will be fair and the the game will be fun to play. 

Bruce Lee is what is known as a high variance slot, meaning that smaller wins are less frequent. However, this in turn means that there’s every chance you will hit a large payout. Of course, you will have to be a little bit more patient than with some other slots. We actually prefer high variance slots if you’re looking to hit a significant win. Other gamers seem to think the same way, as high variance slots are some of the most popular in the casinos. 

The Bonus rounds in this game give you the chance of winning in excess of 100 times your stake. There are two separate bonus rounds built around free spins once triggered. The first is your standard free spins bonus round; Bruce Lee will give you 14 of them to try your luck! The Enter the Dragon feature is a little bit more exciting and is unique to this game. In this bonus your free spins are locked until the Red Dragon symbol appears, so there’s every chance of winning big with this one. The bonus rounds can be triggered in three separate ways, each with some great graphics. The first starts after you hit 4 of the same symbol on the first two reels and another is triggered by getting the bonus symbol (the Enter the Dragon logo) on reels 3, 4 and 5. This is something you will surely have seen before. The last way it triggers is random and does not depend on your reels. The Enter the Dragon free spins round can be particularly lucrative, so once you see the bonus come up you should get very excited! 

Still not convinced? WIlliams Interactive have also made this game available in a free version, giving the gamer a chance to get used to the gameplay and high variance payouts. So give that a whirl before trying with real money. We are sure you will love it!

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